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You have become what you have always been
Light flickering around with real vision
No words we can speak of paths to be chosen
All trails that we trek shall lead us back to here

Because our love comes again
Just when I've broken love I found
Love can come again
You gotta believe that love comes again
Just when I've broken love I found
Love can come again

Deep within me, turn over secret stones
Forests and fields bleeding with blood and bones
Still no words we can speak of paths to be chosen
All trails that we trek shall lead us back to here

Because our love comes again
Just when I've broken love I found
Love can come again
You gotta believe that love comes again
Just when I've broken love I found
Love can come again


Heart is full of warmth,

Feel the depth of his soul,

The beauty of his character,

The truth in his voice.

Charm of his face

Filled with grace,

Deep loving e ,

Wonderful smile.

Placed in my arms,

Is joy filled with flowers,

His fragrance fills the air,

I feel the presence of his care.

Helps' me when I am down,

Feeling low and blue,

Understands me when I am confused.

My best friend

My best friend is a girl.

But that is not important!

I spend almost all my freetime with her.

Her name ... it sounds funny.


Some people only call her xxx.

And sometimes there are situations

you just only can laugh about her.

She tells me about her problems.

Me, too.

We are not very different.

We like the same music, watch the same movies...

and do the same things.


A light brown face

with two blue eyes ,

the dark blond hair

flying in the skies,

red lips smiling in the sun,

white teeth and a bubble gum.

That is, how I know her well,

and if she's changing,

because of others,

she will always

be herself!

If she's sad, I will try

to make her laugh,

because she needs

a lot of love

'cause she is often alone.

So I try to give her a home.

Life and Death

Life, death, - death, life the words have led for ages

our thought and consciousness and firmly seemed

Two opposites but now long-hidden pages

Are opened, liberating truths undreamed.

Life only is, or death is life disguised, -

Life a short death until by life we are surprised.


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