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Endeks taban yaptı, düştün gözümden
Unuttum adını, sildim gönlümden
Kızarmış istakoz gibi utandım
Triplere girdim, senin yüzünden…

Düşmanlar sevindi, dostlar üzüldü
Kimi dalga geçti, ardımdan güldü
Senin ihanetin, benim alnıma
Yıkasam da çıkmayan, bir leke sürdü…

Antipatik geldin, artık sen bana
Soğudu küllerim, sevdadan yana
Kızarmış istakoz gibi utandım
Triplere girdim, fazla yaklaşma…

Bu aşkın defteri, artık dürüldü
Bize ayrılığın, yolu göründü
Senden hiç ummazdım, bu ihanetin
Kalbimi tam ortadan, İkiye böldü.


First time it tickles
I feel the shiver
thought it would be forever
I feel heaven
And ends suddenly, can't explain

Am not steady
The heart wavers
Like falling in the river
And reaching the other side
Lookin for another answer

Eyes opens wide
The heart turns blind
Temptations so bright
Needed to hide
But hearts dont lie
Wanted a new try

Crossing another road
Searching for satisfaction
Cant find a reason
Like staring in a dark horizon
Being in the state of oblivion

Looking for the rainbow
Through the sky so clear
It's beautiful coz it's blue
Still not content, dont have a clue
To myself, for you, am just another foe

The right love arrived
But one sided wont survive
The other one subsides
The other confused
Playing the game? An emotional abuse?

You just got hurt
Once I broke another heart
Feeling so empty, heart's torn apart
Dont know what really I want
Life's reeling, heart and mind keeps changing

My story has no beginning
Can't figure out the ending
I have to think all over again
I have no destiny, no contentment
Everything dies out within me
In no time, just happens so quickly

The Lady in the Balcony

The Lady in the Balcony
bu şiir daha önce 497 defa okundu.

She’s wearing a long white silk gown
In the balcony I saw her at midnight or maybe dawn
She’s beautiful behind her is the bright full moon
She looks pale, she's staring at me and I saw the familiar sorrow.

I waved at her and I feel the breeze touching my face
She smiled, but in her face’s flowing like diamonds glittering
The glimpse of tears, under the moonlight I knew she’s crying
I look at the ocean, she look far away, I knew we share the same agony

I lost to myself, reminiscing the past, recollecting memories
It’s like sinking I even forgot the lady in the opposite balcony
Until the wind blew and I felt the cold breeze again touches my face
I look back at the balcony and there the lady is waving at me

The dark meets the dawn and the dawn watch the daylight
As me standing still, eyes wide awake, heart is empty
Again I had the sleepless night, same as the lady in the balcony
Now she’s departing, as the sun rise I saw her once again fading away

Celestial World

Late at night, look up high,
See the twinkling in the sky.
Ever wonder who we are,
When looking at a distant star?

Sun and Moon and mother Earth,
No one knows about their birth.
Saturn, Venus and fiery Mars,
Wander around among the stars.

Hurtling meteors trace a path,
Of showery sparks, etched with wrath.
Crashing through the atmosphere,
Among our skies they do career.

The Northern Lights of the Borealis,
Grace the skies like a heavenly palace.
Majestic colours of every hue,
Create a wondrous celestial view.

Seven Sisters or Milky Way,
Astrologers guide by night or day.
Trace the Plough or the Great Bear,
As focusing telescopes, we at them stare.

Through our galaxies spacemen travel,
At distant worlds they will marvel.
If other life should be out there,
Their unknown secrets we hope to share.

Written & (c) John McKay Withey 2008


I am in the dark in the depths of hell
How did I get here what did I do wrong in earth
God you are the judge of me what can I say to you
I did so many things that I did wrong in your eyes
I cry and shout your name so many times
You heard my voice in the depths of hades
I love you so much my woman what is love
tears so strong feelings so unbearable
I told you once before I would go to hell and back for you
So merciful and understanding you are my king
Angels singing moon and sun stars of the heavens rejoice
For a warrior does not give up on the battlefields of glory
Legend myth hero kings know my name of the old times
Memories will last a lifetime for I am forever.


When body is tired
You dont want to do anything
The whole body seems in pain
It numbs even your brain
You lost your appetite to eat
You just wanted to sleep

When mind is tired
You cant think anything right
You even became irrational
Right decisions is hard to find
You feel like wanted to scream
You lost your power of good reason

When heart is tired
You feel suffocated, you can't breath
World turns dark, dreams withers
Paralyze your system much more your brain
You wanted to run away, but there's no place to hide
You loss your hope, your love, you wanted to die

Withered Dreams

Before I wanted to build a family
With you, my man and the only
And love that always makes me happy
You filled my heart that once was empty

We build our dreams
We planned our future
Or is it WE, or was only I?
I realized I never heard your side

I need a partner not a follower
I don't need you to be silent, will listen only to what I said
I want you to speak out, what's in your mind, what's in your heart
I don't need you to say always, "yes sweetheart", coz,I hate that...

Can't you find other words to say?
Can't you tell me your secrets, have you ever been jealous to me?
Have you ever said "No", have you ever say "Stop"?
It's only me, or have you ever guide me to where we should start?

Have we ever started to build our dreams?
Why until now we still have nothing?
Our story hasn't started, never had a beginning
Everything planned has never been given a meaning

Eversince there is only YOU or ME, but has never been WE
I wonder how I loved you, how come you still love me
In every step we made, is not for us but, it's becoz of the responsibility
Our dreams was left behind, we never been together, you always far away

My heart is broken into pieces
I am confused, my feelings were empty
I feel bored, I stop dreaming
The tears run dry and the sun turns dark

The love now maybe only one sided
I wish the sufferings soon will ended
Maybe it's my fault, but you had a big share
Our life is spontaneous, the time runs fast
Dreams starting to withered, the love has no more warmth
Wanted to run away, finding the way out...


Sated shades of awareness
Marveling at the lucidity
Of measured bewilderment

Thought elucidating obscurity
Shifted the mark of beauty's
Response to hesitation

Yet failed to notice when grace
Seeking the footsteps of dawn
Faltered along the valley

Of wavered time...

Had eradicated the lost remnants of Love
And scorned the sifted ashes of hope
Once searching for a tired universe

In Limbo...


Vacant eyes that seldom blink
Stare nothingness away
Mindless thoughts refuse to think
Not knowing what to say

Waking nightmares follow sleep
And time has been withdrawn
Even when I'm wide awake
I'm still forever gone

Every moment seems to feel
When contemplating space
Yet I barely notice tears
Are falling down my face

Caught between our distant worlds
Both in and out of me
Day is here and night is there
But You are all I see

Words cant say

Begin your sentence with the words of betrayal, I won't blame you at all
When I suffer from reckless oblivion, I'll pretend not to act appalled
And when you squeeze your anger deep into my engrossed body
You'll use an excuse to justify how disrespecting me is just a hobby

Well breathing isn't required, and fists don't need to be clenched
You don't have to trap me in anger, you don't have to keep me entrenched
If it makes it easier to rape me, then expose me for what I am
The things you see may shock you, but I swear I do the best I can

And if you're begging for attention, then I'll grovel at your mercy
You can tell me how it's pointless, or instead, how I'm just not worthy
Pulling threads of pain through my pores will not cure this rage
Writing pointless syllables will not release me from this cage

You can tie this rope tighter, you can wrap the chains with hate
The tighter you squeeze the anger, the quicker I dissipate
Lift me off the ground with my heels barely touching the floor
If all you wanted was for silence, I wouldn't have spoken anymore

But I begged on account of remorse and screamed for my release
Hoping to get you to notice, enlightened with thoughts of peace
But if you want to torture this and beat it until it turns blue
Then God for bid I try and stop the things you've set out to do

I swear I tried to save this, rather than suffocate within your hands
I would have stood up to tell you, but you wouldn't let me stand
If all you wanted was a solution, then
we should have thought it through
I would have stopped this hatred, I would have done it all for you

My fairytale

In these few lines I will show you what’s in my heart
The promise of never ending love since the very start
When you walked in to my life many years ago
Falling into a love like this now never did I know

My heart had been played around before and it was known
You did not tamper with my heart just loyalty was shown
You are the prince who woke me from my deep sleep
The knight in shining armor who I fell in love with so deep

You treat me like a Queen and I'll treat you like my King
I will give my love, anything you wish to you I will bring
Each hug I know I'm safe being held in yours arms
Holding your hand during the time, you protect me from harm

Each time I feel the distance when we separate
My heart feels so lonely passed the hour of eight
My eyes miss your presence having in front of my face
I can't live without you cause my heart starts running a race

Our love is strong enough, for in any army it could fight
It will last as long as the feeling of holding me tight
This love is deeper then the ocean that were surrounded by
During this relationship I've never had to ask why

Once upon time when to the world I was lost
Now I am found through the cold frost
I feel like the Cinderella putting on her glass slipper

In my heart I feel like a princess going to the ball
Dressed in beautiful clothes covered by a shawl
We have a fairytale love for the whole world to see
A beautiful bond, so kind and sharing between you and me

Break Everything

We all think;
"Oh God, not me, I could never ..."
But in a distorted moment's passing,
The sky can crumble around you,
Hearts can halt their beating,
All consciousness can be forgotten-
Until you're literally slapped back into reality.
Breathing stops, time stops -
Everything hurts.
Every movement, every blink
Every chest expansion, every tingle.
Everything solid, liquefies and drains away.
You can't hold on, can't think, can't speak ..
Each second is a loud banging sound
Echoing over and over and over ...
All silence is broken, shattered.
The only sound is screaming.
Tears burn their way across your face,
But it's unlike any other feeling-
You hurt them,
The most important person;
And you hurt them.
Took their heart and bled everything out of it.
And suddenly you realize,
You break everything you touch.


If only we had a guiding star,
Our lives we'd change by far.
Our destiny we'd shape in a different way,
And our journey altered day by day.

As it is we have no say,
The path is laid, the price we pay.
If off-course we aimlessly stray,
Our destiny is designed in a different way.

Down life's path we blindly go,
Feelings high, sometimes low.
When without warning we receive a blow,
The course of destiny is beginning to show.

Try as we may, there's no going back,
Our course is set on a different tack.
The journey we must now rearrange,
As our destiny, we cannot change.

To new horizons we set our sail,
With Divine guidance we might prevail,
To reach that shore we long to find,
If to us destiny is kind.

It is not easy the task we're set,
Mountains we climb, challenges met,
And at the end of our life's haul,
We are beckoned by destiny's call.

Written & (c) John McKay Withey 2008

My mission

I hear the harp and singing of music
Sweet gentle voices of the most high
Angels singing in the heavens above
Mighty archangels sound the trumphets
Awesome and glorious beauty so eternal
City of Gold waters as Crystal clear
Elders bow down to him that is seated in his throne
I cry to him as tears come down my cheeks
He takes me and hugs me and tells me cry no more
Hardships trials and tests I passed it all
My Mission is over now I can rest and be happy forever.

Miracle Lois ShaLynn Dishon

It was a Miracle, The time that you took,
Eleven and one half inches, size of a book.
After only six months, you grew in mom womb;
She had some hard pain and knew it was to soon.
The smallest little girl that I ever saw.
One pound and five and three-fourth ounces, in the raw.
You came out kicking, moveing your tiny arms.
Thank God! You are alive! Showing all your charms.
Miracle Lois ShaLynn, welcome to our world.
You will make it a better place, our sweet girl.
Jesus watches over miracle lois shalynn.
He held you in his arms, very close to him.
He warms you with his love, that he has for all.
Nana Always knew, He would not let you fall.
Your family gathered to see your salvation.
We knew you were gods wonderful creation.
He has a purpose, that only you can fill,
So watch and pray, everyday, to do his will.
May god give wisdom, to all who care for you.
Bless your mom and dad, To know just what to do.
You may not remember me, When you are grown.
mom can tell you the love I have for my own.
You need a Miracle, Just Believe.


Watching you die will be the end
But that's far ahead
this is just the beginning
the spark that iginites the flame
you've done it this time
tried to take everything I had
this time I fight back
you can try to take me down
beat me to the ground
still you can't defeat me
watch as I rise from my knees
and with the tears from my eyes
as we meet face to face
and a picture of us in my hand
nothing but a smile
I hope your ready to leave
this memory is the end
Now boy! Do you know what it feels like
your strong body is nothing compare to me.
now I'm lost.
Consumed by the past taken in by memories
lost in the world I have created.
where do I run, I how do I start
Now I'm angry destruction must be mine
revenge is so sweet
come and dance around our memories
we spent together
this is your invitation, to your own dreams
you think you can win
but I refuse to lose
controlled by love.
Your heart is sealed
run you bastard
fighy back I want a challenge
hundreds of souls with the look of
anger in your eyes.
watch as your tears drip at my feet
my heart is crushed by the hurt you created
So remember was there
when no one wasn't

Always and Forever

Pain so unbearable where can I ease my suffering
I lay in sorrow as I put dust and ashes in my head
Tears flowing like water why did you have to leave me
Where thou can I run from my enemies that harm me
Spears and arrows hit me directly I fall down to my knees
I cry aloud no one hears my plea of agony it hurts so much
Eyes begin to shut slowly on me life flashes from the beginning
My heart is open as I hear my angel talking to me with soft whispers
Strength comes back to me as broken wounds are healed from above
I love you so much I knew you would be there for me always and forever.

Life will go on

Stars shine tonight moon so bright clouds approach
thunder flashes so beautiful the night shadows of the sky
Lake so calm it is indeed marvelous to see reflections
The loon makes the sound of music while the frogs sleep
Sitting by the lake thinking of someone you miss so much
Hardships are hard to bear love prevails memories stay a lifetime
Live and continue on never let go gifts are a blessing from above
Wish on a shooting star as wishes are granted from the heavens
Life will always go on as we are reunited in the afterlife I promise you.


Humming some forgotten tunes
and walking lost in dark night,
Perhaps thinking of the pains
I raise my head for a sight.

I look to the sky with confidence
to witness zillions of them shining and far,
I stand in awe of their brilliance
admiring the grandeurs of the star.

They are as constant and clean
like my old nursery rhyme,
Selflessly lighting the heaven
since the beginning of time.

Some burn and guide for years
till they turn black and dwarf,
Others smolder and swell for ages
To be red and giant as they morph.

Deciding my fate from their home high above
as they transport my dreams far away,
Filling my heart with wonder and love
as they brighten and escort my way.

Making me think that even when sky is darkest
a tiny ray of light still shines through,
Making me realize that even when life is toughest
it is only me who can get myself through.

Their existence has fascinated me always
shining through the dark nights in all seasons,
For it is the God’s mysterious ways
compelling me to think of my own reasons.

Till the end I would dare to do my duties
for happiness lies in work done right,
My destiny is to shine as the heavenly bodies
for I want to live with no regret.

Even after the last of breaths
I will be burning to give light to all,
For all those looking up for hopes
I will be up there twinkling for eternal.

Living Again

I can feel the freshness in the mornings again
Flowers blooming, fragrance back to air again

Past was hurting, ever threatening the future
Burying memoirs, I dug up the heart to endure

I can see the movement in the waters again
Nights brighter, sleep back to eyes again

Soul was crucified, but hoping to resurrect
Hiding tears, I covered up the depths of secret

I can hear the melodies of the birds again
Hearts beating, smile back to face again

Desires once lost, now rekindled in the heart
Oh lord! I am blessed to surrender at thy feet


The red rose

The red rose, a thing of such beauty,
With it’s sweet fragrant scent,
Which intoxicates the senses.
But it has thorns to pierce
The skin of those who don’t handle it with care,
To inflict pain on those who don’t respect it,
Who foolishly try to pull it out by its roots.
Then it reveals its other side,
And has the power to draw blood in its defence.
This is its right, in its fight for survival.
It can spawn many more, as if nature
Inspired by its beauty, repeatedly emulates it
So that its beauty won’t die out.

You stand alone

You stand alone,
head raised, eyes blurred
the only one fighting
fighting for a battle already lost

you strive to perfect
to engage in a miracle
extend your hand of help
to a world blinded by superficiality

they don't care

you care, because no one else does
it doesnt change the fact
that no one else cares
you plan to make a difference
but at what expense?

people die all the time
it's part of life,
you hope to stop the wars
to stop the genocide,
the murders, the homicide
the suicide,
when will it stop
when you say it will?

When will you learn?
What will it take for you to understand
that are all lost

we kill to gain
we cry to heal
we yearn to love
we act on instinct
and fail time after time

occasionally we get it right
but you stand alone...
you crave for a peace
that has long gone

time has changed
the era for healing is over
replaced by greed, money, death
accept it.

Deny it.
do whatever, but you stand alone
imagine the world as it once was
as it will no longer be that way again
we are too far advanced
we are 6 feet deep and going

You stand alone.
Face it and move on.


Engrossed in constant rivalry
denied the chance of authority
incessant cries of those unnamed
in pain alone does ones shame ungain
increase thy spirit, enhance ones soul
beware the troubles already foretold
incestuous thoughts, explicit desires
unwind, break free, or enjoy the fire
dagger drawn, stained glass is fresh
open them wounds, cut through my flesh
reveal your lies, and damage my heart
conceited you are, deceive me wholly
break this chain, and drown please, slowly
extinguish the hurt, replace the inspired
confusion emerges, as you quickly expire
faced with facts, thrust into the wrong
no love lost here, release me, Im gone.

Only You

eyes cryn
cuts bleedin
no stopn now
its to late
u werent here
look what u hav done
leavn me alone
my hearts poundin
the cuts wont stop bleedin
my eyes wont stop cryn
pain returning over and over again
never leaving just lik memories
cutting once more
just another crack in the door
all becuz of u
u turned me inside out
to see what i was made of
now u no im nothing special
just the same as every one eles
i can only take so much

Momma Didn't Tell Her

By the age of ten she was becoming curious,
As her Momma's silence made her furious.
The stigma of not having a caring father,
Allowed her resentment to steadily gather.

Her Momma and he were in love long ago,
But of her pregnancy he didn't know.
She suspected him of seeing someone new,
So she packed his bags and said "adieu".

On her birth she was placed in care,
But her Momma didn't think that fair.
So she struggled to bring her up alone,
And worked herself to the aching bone.

Years went by when she searched in vain,
Disappointment overwhelmed her aching brain,
Where was her father she wanted to know,
Tears of frustration did constantly flow.

She studied photographs, searched in books,
Where was that someone with similar looks,
Who for so long she had been trying to trace,
From a birth certificate with a long blank space.

Reading a news article she did a double take,
She saw a familiar face she couldn't mistake.
So she researched the story of a man named George,
And now a lost bond they're trying to forge.


I remember when we were so pure,
The little things were more important then before,
We never really worried much,
We never had a jealous touch,
The pain wasn't growing,
Our love wasn't softly slowing,
The memories were just beggining,
The happiness was so uplifting,
I remember when we were so pure,
The painfull love we could endure,
The heartache and headache was non existant,
The crying and dieing were never felt,
The sadness of the moment we melt,
I remeber when we were so pure,
The love was unconditional,
The faith was unexplanable,
The feeling was unbreakable,
I remeber when we were so pure,
We were so pure,
The love was to,
To bad all things pure,
Dont stay that was forever,
Like me..
And you..

Dream Mansion

lost in d deep mansion of dreams
searching 4 serenity 2 get rid of all tensions
anger is something I've no control over
but can't help out as its my nature
feel like,friends who were mine have gone away
but may they always remain with me its all i pray
some desires are left 2 say
but its best if they remain unsaid
else my life would b the cost I'll have 2 pay
reveal my pain only 2 myself
so that no1 cud ever blame the themselves
wanna stay out there in that dream mansion
but my cup of coffee is full of tensions
i ought 2 face the challenges all alone
because there is no1 i could say my own
i m gonna feel proud one day
as m fighting all alone 4 that day
wen all my ambitions will fulfill
& god will offer happiness in a tray
now i got 2 know why life is so unpredictable all because every chapter is without clue n unforgettable

On the verge of breakdown

Here it comes and I know when
To shout out loud all the hate inside
I’m fed up so I have been
Many nights wishing to cry and I have tried
Can’t take it anymore or keep it in
Brave mask of happiness that I have lied
God have mercy on my soul, I know I can win
To this life I will look down to with pride
Waited my whole life for my life to begin
Out of loneliness to be with my bride
My tears would cover her chest and then
My soul and my self to her love I’ll confide
Where are you? Can’t you see under my skin?
This sorrow that have been eating me inside
The fight of all times might be the biggest sin
Facing everything in my way, and I will not hide
Even if it means to take one on the chin
The world’s problem I will collide
Just like Russian roulette spin
The classic story of Jekyll and Hyde
To beat up and defeat my evil twin
All sorrow and pain I will put aside
So that day is near to explode within
Cause life is not beautiful but it’s a beautiful ride

It's Over

It’s hard to smile
When you crying.
It’s hard to breath
When you dying.
It’s hard to watch the world pass you by,
When the suns in your eyes.
It’s hard to sleep
When you’re alone.
It’s hard to dream
When you’re away.
It’s hard to keep my feet on the ground,
When all you want to do is fly away.
It’s hard to survive
When you’re done
It’s hard to see
When you’re fading.
It’s hard to hang on to what is real,
When you slip right through my finger tips.
It’s hard to move
When you’re gone

Tearing Out My Heart

Tearing out my own heart
I'm afraid to feel anymore
I reach it to you for I know
You were the first who I fell for
My lips quiver and the tears leak
I stumble on my feet and fall
I knew I should have stopped
When my emotions were feeling raw
I kept playing this silly game
Thinking I would win
Maybe that was one
Of my many greatest sins
My soul grown dark and lonely
My mind shattered from depression
My eyes bleeding tears of hopelessness
Living through this is out of the question
I played innocent for so long
Living with my lips pierced together
Watching myself fall apart day by day
Watching my heart begin to wither

Fallen; But Never Caught

The best thing about tonight
is shes not fighting

Running down the street
she drops to her knees
She whispers "please"
As her cross is in her hands.

Blood runs down her arms
The rain starts to sting

People, everywhere, calling for her
but she cant hear them

Her sight is set on him
Calling to her, but its not true

He doesnt want her, and she knows
Her only words are, i cant do this anymore.

The blood isnt dripping anymore,
its forming like puddles around her.

They tried to save her, but it was too late
Maybe this was her only fate.

By, Bobbi Brooks.


my pain is to much to hide
i need help
but no one's there
im thinking about commiting suicide

im hurting
but your to happy to see
im crying
but you just walk on by
i wanna commite suicide

im screaming
but you cant hear me
im bleeding
but you never notice
so tonight im going to commite suicide
and you'll never know im gone

my thoughts of suicide

Here I sit and write this poem
Thinking of all I love and all I hate
Thoughts of suicide thinking its my fate
I think of all the times I used to laugh
And now I wish I'd just die
How did so much misery come in to my life
And now all I have are thoughts of suicide
Crying every night is not the way to live
Heck I'm still a kid
I should be out hanging with all my friends
But these thoughts of suicide haunt my head
Will they care when I am gone
When nothings left expect my thoughts
And this small poem telling everyone
I will be no more in about an hour
Don't try to save me
Just save your tears
Nothing can stop me
Because i have thoughts of suicide
Heres to the end my dear friend
I hope you live life through
This is the end to this girls life
And all her thoughts to boot
Nothing there but my thoughts my secret thoughts of suicide

The Only Way Out

some days i just wish
thati could run and hide
no matter where i go
it seems like the only way out is suicide
my life doesn't seem worth it
all of this pain and suffering
i dont want to be here anymore
the only wayout is suicide
nobody can help me
the only way out is suicide
nobody knows the real me
i put on this person
when i am actually miserable
the only way out is suicide
all i have ever wanted
is to loved and accepted me
the only way out is suicide
i hate you
look what you did to me
you killed my spirit, you broke my heart
beacuse of you i am empty inside

The lies behind the closed doors

Everybody is different in their own ways,
Trying to be just like everyone else.
But some people suffocate,
Behind their closed door.
The first girl goes right on the internet.
She says it's the only place she's liked.
They guys ask her to do dirty things,
She knows how wrong it is,
Yet she does all of their needs.
The second girl goes straight to the kitchen.
She piles up on so much food she feels like she's ready to puke.
She then wanders off to the bathroom.
She closes the door so no one hears
What she's about to do.
She huddles over the toilet,
And begins throwing up.
She gets cleaned up,
And goes on with her life.
The third one runs straight to her room.
She begins searching for something.
There, she found her razor blade.
She slowly lets it run through her skin.
So much dripping blood from her arm.
And so much pain from the inside,
Yet she feels so much better.
The fourth girl goes to parties every night.
Gets so high and drunk.
She meets a boy and they wander off.
They are in a room for nearly an hour.
She comes out as if nothing happened.
The fifth girl is my favorite.
She is at a friends house.
A guy comes in.
He seems to like the girl.
He drags her to his room.
And he tries to control her.
But she fights with all her strength.
It looks like the fifth girl,
Is the only one who knows what to do,
Behind closed doors.

Commit Suicide

im in my room
in darkness
and cold
im thinking of comitting suicide

im always alone
and never having any fun
im thinking of commiting suicide

i run away from home
im nowere to be found
im thinking of commiting suicide

i have the knife in my hand
and this note in the other
im thinking of commiting suicide

now that im alone
with the knife to my chest
im about to commit suicide

i say my last words
'this was fate and goodbye'
im about to commit suicide

i have my last breath
and im now dead
i have just commited suicide

Love is Dead

Love is dead
Since God is dead.
Tell all the pretending lovers that;
The theatre is finished,
The army is disbanded,
Our last stronghold is conquered.
Moses for the first time defeated,
Jesus once again crucified,
Muhammad, as is known, condemned to hunger and torture.
Oh Siddhartha! Return to your palace
Where love is sacrificed to lust.
Love is dead, before I said
That’s why God is dead.

Love is dead
And man is dismayed.
Let the earthquake destroy the hearts!
What difference does it make?
Mercy and compassion are two orphans,
Hungry children are my weapons
Abandoned old people,
Raped decent girls,
Civilization they call me.
I saw God for the last time, shortly before He perished.
He was a blanket on a trembling Pakistani woman’s body.
And a summer tent, for sure, sheltering another quake-hit family.
God is dead I knew, so is modesty.

Nietzsche, Russel and Sartre
The grave-diggers of God’s tomb!
Strike fast and hard
This is God, who knows?
He may resurrect and come back.
Patients appeal to Him.
The oppressed is awaiting yet.
The universe is missing His Face.
Only His name keeps the birds singing.
The heart of history beats with His specters.
Oh my God? What is that moving out of the grave?
You gave me this mind, you save!

Unsympathisch - ANTİPATİK

Unsympathisch (ingilizce)

I'm morally low,
you have no value in my eyes.
I forgot your name,
I have deleted you from my heart.
Sharm blushed before I'm like a fried lobster.
Because of you, I become depressed...

My enemies have been pleased
my friends are bitterly.
Some have me on the arm taken
have laughed behind my back.
Your unfaithful has made me a blot leave,
that one spot with the best resources can not remove...

You're me now unsympathisch
my dear ember is extinguished.
Sharm blushed before I'm like a fried lobster.
Because of you, I am advised depression,
keeping me away...

This love is now extinguished
Now shows us the end of the road.
Of thee I would have never expected this unfaithful.
It has my heart just ripped through the middle.

Author: Sedat Erdogdu
Translation: Yahya DAYI
Correction: Erika Santoro


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